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About us

From left to right : André Lepeuple, Émilie Lepeuple, Georges Valère, Monique Lepeuple-Philippe

In Santa Rosa de Calchines, everyone knows “los Franceses”. After touring Argentina in every direction since 1990, André has set his sights in 2004 on the Estancia Santa Catalina. The family is fixed in permanent form since July 2007.
André was born and grew up in the “burg” in Morocco. His wife Monique was born and grew up in Lebanon. After several decades in Paris, him as a notary and she as a bank executive, a new emigration to Argentina wasn’t a big deal for them.
Emily, André’s only daughter is, contrariwise, an authentic and pure Parisian, a spectacular and lasting conversion. George, only son of Emilie, was not four when we set in Argentina.
The colonial house was built in 1890. It is loaded with history. Two films were shot there. It has been restored preserving its original style. The pool and pool house that was destroyed for many years have been rebuilt in their location and previous form. The only really new building is the lodge, built in the same spirit as the colonial house. The park is beautiful, and there is constantly adding of new species.
Our bet apparently successful: provide comfort, good food, conviviality, on a valuable bank of a river and surrounded by spectacular lush vegetation. A paradise, it is the unanimous expression of our guests.