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For ducks, we have on area of approximately 40,000 hectares, half of it on the river islands and lagoons, and half of swamps and lagoons from the inside, Santa Catalina is the geographic center. The newly harvested rice fields give us an advantage. They are important on the surface, located opposite Santa Catalina, between the river and marshes.
The extent and variety of our exclusive territories with a moderate hunting pressure have always made it possible to give full satisfaction to hunters.
We could hunt partridge and dove in our territories, but their density does not seem sufficient. It is therefore a day of partridge “ tinamou” in “campos” of the interior where they are numerous. As for the doves, we will hunt them on the other side of the river, right in front of us. They are millions.
In the exceptional case where the ducks would desert our area, we’ll take you away to the north, to Intiyaco, or further south, towards Germania.