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A classic stay in Santa Catalina, is six days of hunting, including a day of partridge, a day of dove, and four days of ducks.
It usually starts with a day of partridge followed by two days of ducks then doves a day, followed by two days of ducks. This alternation allows the hunter to vary the types of habitats and hunting, and allows us to grant a truce to ducks while continuing our scouting. We could also organize extensions on other types of hunting. Please consult us.

A typical day of duck hunting
The hunter has to get up well before dawn. Whatever the hour, Monique serves his breakfast. He must then reach the hunting grounds to be ready to hunt before daybreak. The guide prepares the lookout, arranges for “his” hunter to wades as little as possible in the mud, put forms in place. The darkness dissipates gradually, hunting can begin. Between a band of rosy-billed pochards and a volley of teals, one cannot help but watch the storks that run on top of you, not at all frightened by the explosions, or a theft of roseate spoonbills, in the bright morning sun.

The show is so beautiful that sometimes we forget the ducks. Fortunately, the guide is there to remind the hunter of duty.
Forms attract rosy-billed like magnets. A flight that passed away describes an arc and dive at you at full speed. Emotions guarantee. Teals, especially ringed and silver, arrive at the water’s edge and arise in the middle of the forms before you could make a move. No shooting please!

We return to Santa Catalina in the morning while the birds always pass. A shower if you want a new coffee or beer, or what you want, fishing from shore for addicts, lunch prepared by Emilie, a nap for amateurs.
Same ritual of the hunt goes again in the afternoon. After sunrise the sunset hunt the evening till night. Homecoming, assessments and comments around the drinks, family dinner, the night will be short until the hunt of the morning. We can, if the hunter wishes, replace a hunt by fishing on the River. We also have fish.