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Accomodations And Meals

Within fifty meters of the Estancia, we built the Lodge, rebuilt the “quincho” and pool. The river passes by at the foot of the pool and the view of the network of the Paraná River is beautiful.
The Lodge, built in the spirit of Estancia, is new. The central living distributes four double bedrooms , each with bathroom, TV, minibar and safe. These rooms are in addition to the two guest rooms of the Estancia, allowing us to accommodate in a single six hunters, and possibly their spouses, of course. That’s it, after it is complete.
Close to the Lodge; the hunters come have breakfast at the “quincho”. Just below, there is a patio where at the return of the hunt in the morning, the hunter can have a drink watching the fishing rod.
This is also where you will have lunch, outside if weather permits.
Dinner is served at the Estancia. Built in 1890, we renovated without destroying its character, without erasing its history.
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